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The Guide: Surviving No Shave November

November 17 2016

It’s mid-November and many of you have either whimsically thrown yourself headlong into the No-Shave November  frenzy or you’ve been a part of our Fir Coalition Fundraiser.

Either way, you’ve no doubt dreamt of the robust beard you’ll be presenting to relatives during the holidays, but unless you’ve done this before, you probably didn’t account for all that discomfort. Yup. Growing out a beard is uncomfortable.

Growing a Beard is Like Cooking a Ham

Mostly, great winter beards do the vast majority of the hard labor for you, but they’ll require some attention to make the process more enjoyable. You can think of it like cooking a ham with a brown sugar honey glaze. Though fundamentally simple, you can’t let things go unattended. So to help you, we’ve gathered up some worthwhile tips to follow during the uncomfortable mid No-Shave November grind:

Wash Your Beard


For fear of sounding too much like your mother, we’ll try to keep this tip brief. Wash your beard. All the time. This really should go without saying, yet it bears repeating. Your beard will begin to collect traces of everything that goes in (and out) of your mouth, so it only makes sense to wash it often. And because your skin will be sensitive these first few weeks, you’ll be wise to use more than a harsh hand soap. While there are many great options, we’re big fans of Beard Soap by Beard Supply. It’s perfect for your face and all that sensitive skin.

Oil Your Beard


Your face will get very, very dry because of all the necessary washing, so alleviate this by investing in some top quality beard oil. We cannot overstate this: applying beard oil is fundamental as you navigate through these early beard-growing weeks. You won’t need to apply a lot, but a few drops spread between your hands and worked down to the skin will work wonders on your skin and ensure that you are pleasant to be around.

Wax Your Beard


If washing and oiling your beard is fundamental to feeling good, then waxing your mustache is fundamental to looking good. When you finally reach the stage where you can begin to shape your mane, a good mustache wax is the perfect level-up. It communicates to the world around you that you know just what the hell you’re doing in life. It shows that you’ve thought things through, and dammit, you have a plan. We love the Mustache Wax from Odouds Apothecary .It’s sleek, simple and has a rich, refreshing Bay Rum scent.

Back to That Ham

There you have it. Follow these tips, and you’ll be comfortably on your way to a successful No-Shave November campaign. It’s not an easy task, as you have undoubtedly discovered, but you should stick with it. You’re on the path to making good life choices. And now that you’re comfortable, full of pride and probably over-posting selfies from the bathroom, it’s time to start reading up on how to cook that honey glazed ham.


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