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Resolve To Resolve Better: 3 Ways to Pursue a Better Year

January 30 2017

Nearly all of us make resolutions at the year’s end, right? It’s almost as much of a tradition to entertain a wish, set a goal or establish a plan, as it is to watch the ball drop in Times Square. And even if it is just a fleeting sentiment in the back of our minds, we all tell ourselves that “next year will be different. We’ll be better.” Then we go about the coming days and weeks carefully crafting a workout regimen that will give us that sultry yet tasteful look from the movie 300.

But what is the value of a resolution if we only resign ourselves to stop bad habits? What does it say about us if the best we can come up with is a plan to minimize unhealthy behavior? What if 2017 was the year you made a commitment to begin journeying down a new path? What if you resolved to change how you think? What if you resolved to resolve better?

This year, we at Weathered Coalition are making a resolution to change how we think, and we want you to join us on this arduous path of betterment. 

Instead of honoring a resolution to quit smoking or eat less junk food, why not honor a resolution that encourages you to enact more courage or seek opportunities of forgiveness? Instead of cutting less desirable elements out of your life, why not resolve to chase good elements? In other words, why not seek to add to your life rather than take away?

This task of adding rather than subtracting is difficult. It requires more creativity and far more courage. So in order to help you begin down this path, here are three things you can do to begin thinking and behaviors that will help you become a better man.

1.) Find stillness. Whose life isn’t full of distraction? Keeping our hands busy day after day may produce great results at work, but the constant motion hinders our ability to let our mind rest and find release. Stillness helps create head-space where we can take inventory of our lives and see the parts that are working really well and begin to address the parts that aren’t.


2.) Name your fears. Fear can have incredible power over our lives. In fact, the most of what we regret in life is probably the result of fear. But the truth is, the majority of our fears are simply things we don’t understand. If you can learn what it is you’re afraid of, fear will begin to diminish. Begin to ask yourself of what are you afraid.


3.) Find opportunities. The hard part is over. You’ve looked in the mirror and begun to ask hard questions. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a drink. Now it’s time to identify the areas of your life where a shift in thinking brings about positive change. What great things have your fears kept you from accomplishing? Among this list of opportunities you will find a couple that you can tangibly resolve to pursue.


The path to betterment is not simple, but if you dig your heels in a bit and stand tall, you’ll find that this is the most rewarding path of them all. Cheers to a new year!


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