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The Guide: Stocking Stuffers For Every Man On Your List

December 13 2016

Guys love creative things that add function and quality to their lives. Things like finding shortcuts and developing life hacks. And because of this creativity and thrift, they can also be tricky to find gifts for. This year you’ll be happy to know that we’ve pulled together a few gift guides that will help you find the perfect gift, no matter what he’s into.


Is the ‘Traveler’ on your list living out of a backpack or spending most of his time in an airport terminal? Whatever the setting, gifts that make the journey easier, like a carry on cocktail kit and warm socks will keep him comfortable and happy for many trips to come.

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Rugby Socks | American Trench
With colors like Espresso & Cherry, the Traveler in your life will look dashing riding the train this winter. These are literally perfect for the season.

Journeyman Wallet | Tanner Goods
Sleek, compact and ready to fly, this wallet will hold all essentials and make anyone look fantastic as they empty their pockets at security.

Brass Cuff | Cause & Effect
They’ll wear it as a reminder to bring single-malt whiskey to the company Xmas party and to remind everyone else that they’re the guy who always shows up prepared.

Leather Treatment | Blackrock
Since he’ll be traveling through new terrain for the holidays, make sure he always look sharp and takes care of his boots (and all his other leather goods).

Beard Oil | Northern Fir
Compact, powerful and soothing. Packing this beard necessity and will help him arrive at the party smelling like Christmas.

Deodorant | Ursa Major
Perfect for a small travel bag, this deodorant will keep any traveler smelling fresh even during the most stressful travel time of the year.

Shampoo | O’Douds Apothecary
It’s the holidays. Give him some travel shampoo because, well, guys don’t always wash their hair. Seriously.

Face Cream | Ursa Major
As he galavants through new territories and towns, make sure he doesn’t wear a haggard face. This recovery cream will ensure he looks as vibrant as he feels.

Carry on Cocktail Kit | W&P Designs
A carry on cocktail kit. A carry on cocktail kit. A carry on cocktail kit.

Leather Coasters | Loyal Stricklin
As if bringing his carry on cocktail kit wasn’t boss enough, when he tosses these coasters on the table, he’ll secure level-up status.

Leather Journal | Bradley Mountain
A wise man keeps track of his travels and the lessons he learned while seeing the world from a new perspective. This journal will serve any traveler for decades.

Aluminum Pen | Karas Customs
What good is a journal without a trusty pen? Make sure his writing device can handle all the miles they’ll be logging.

Bourbon Toothpicks | Daneson
Travel well prepared and well groomed. Present these toothpicks after any meal, and any traveler will create a scene as well as a lasting impression on any accompanying journeyman.


We’ve all got that friend or family member who is waiting for the day that bartending becomes an olympic sport. Help them out by stocking their bar with quality small-batch ingredients and staple tools to keep the drinks pouring all season long.

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Bar Spoon | Jack Rudy Cocktail
Like bitters, this is not necessary for all drinks, but a dedicated bar spoon means a dedicated crafter of quality cocktails. Get him a bar spoon. He’ll look like a pro.

Bourbon Cocktail Cherries | Jack Rudy Cocktail
So good you’ll never go back to basic cocktail cherries after you’ve tried these.

Small Batch Grenadine | Jack Rudy Cocktail
Versatility proves aptitude, maturity and experience. Having high quality grenadine on hand will prove his bar skills include more than coke and whiskey.

Aromatic Bitters | Jack Rudy Cocktail
Not that all great cocktails require bitters, but the ones he’ll be making probably do. And this particular bitters will put any drink on another level.

Cocktail Glass | Mazama
A quality drink deserves quality glassware. These look great on the counter as well as in your hand. Perfect for his next masterpiece.

Stainless Jigger | Jack Rudy Cocktail
To be a bartender means to respect the jigger, so don’t let him be caught without one. To do the job right, he’ll need the right tools.

Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | PF Candle
Crafting more than the best damn cocktail his guests will ever taste is part of the job. Help him craft an ambiance and create a memory.

Black Coasters | Loyal Stricklin
Every professional bartender makes sure his guests have a coaster because every drink needs a home. These coasters basically hug the cocktail when it isn’t in someone’s hand.


For the ‘Gentleman’ on your list we suggest gifting them items  that will live up to their already high standards. Products and tools for a clean shave, paired with toothpicks steeped in Bourbon will do the trick just fine.

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Single Malt Toothpicks | Daneson
Is there any question that a gentleman would be well prepared? These toothpicks will do more than provide clear teeth, they’ll create an experience.

Stellar Shave Cream | Ursa Major
A gentleman is clean shaven because a gentleman knows that each day presents an opportunity to make a difference. Make sure he’s prepared.

Leather Catch AllSturdy Brothers
Pockets, like ambitious men, are indispensable. Think of this as a pocket for his home—perfect for keys, spare change, and photos of you?

Body Cleanser | Prospector Co
Courtesy goes beyond how a gentleman handles himself in public. He’ll use this each day and extend to others the courtesy of smelling great.

Bristle Shave Brush | Prospector Co
Similar to a using a quality shave cream, this brush means the gentleman is serious about preparing for great things each and every day.

Folding Pocket Knife | Son of a Sailor
“Every man needs a good pocket knife on him, because he never knows what the day will bring.” – Grandpa

Ragg Cap | Topo Designs
More about function than form—the gentleman understands the importance of staying warm but also understands how to look good while doing so.

Bandana | Weathered Coalition
A bit of color because who’s to say a gentleman doesn’t respect a little panache. Gentlemen know who they are and who they are not. Confidence is becoming.



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