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The Guide: 5 Items Every Guy Needs This Spring

April 20 2017

Punxsataawney Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but there’s no denying that Spring is closing in quickly. We’ve got 5 accessories to help bring you and your home into the warmer weather without a hitch.


1. Sunglasses  Pantos Paris

As warmer months approach, spending time outdoors is a given. A new pair of sunglasses will help you spend more time enjoy things instead of squinting during weekend drinks with friends.

Handcrafted in France with G15 organic lenses and anti-reflective coating, Pantos Paris boasts one of the most stylish sunglasses collections we’ve seen in a while. In particular, the Crystal Beige and Tortoise Temples  makes a distinct departure from the classic black wayfarer frame seen season after season. We’re also the only shop in the US to carry them, so get your hands on a pair before word gets out.


2. Klein Wallet  Loyal Stricklin 

Spring not only brings warmer temps and lighter layers, but also the glorious (and well deserved) tax return. What better place to store your hard-earned cash than a new wallet? The Klein wallet from the guys over at Loyal Stricklin is an updated take on the timeless bifold, with more than enough room to carry all your cards, cash and coins.

Weathered Coalition- Spring Essentials -Watch

3. Expeditioner Watch – 12 Degrees West

Be honest- is there any better feeling than taking off a heavy watch after a long day slaving away at your keyboard? Okay, okay we know there are a lot better feelings, but you can’t deny that an uncomfortable watch strap is a problem that needs solving.

The Timex Expeditioner from 12 Degrees West features a unique design with a longer “buckle side” on the strap. This moves the hardware from under your wrist, and over to a higher position, meaning you won’t feel an annoying buckle under the weight of your arm all day long. Thank us later.


4. Render K Pen – Karas Customs

You all know how strongly we feel about quality materials, and desk supplies are no exception. Give your Pilot G2 Pen the boot this season for a writing utensil that can handle it’s fair share of abuse. The Render K from Karas Customs is as equally stylish as it is solid; the seamless aluminum body feels industrial but refined, not to mention the clip is literally bulletproof.


5. Bay Rum Candle – O’Douds

At one point candles for men were limited to smelling strictly like pine trees, freshly cut grass or bacon. With that being said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour the earth for the best selection of candles that will improve the scent situation of your place. The Boot Jack from JP Candle is a customer favorite, but we’re also digging Amber Moss from PF Candle lately. A dash of lavender brightens up a base scent of musk and amber. It’s the perfect scent for heading into Spring.


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